First Day

First Day photoWhen I was growing up, “first days” were usually chronicled by standing at the front door and having your picture taken.  It was just what we did and many families still do – just take a look at Facebook in the later part of August!  That memory was one of my first thoughts this morning when my “first day” as District President began.  So, of course, we took a photo! Here are a few things on my heart this morning:

  • First, thanks for praying for Kathy and me during a very quick and busy July as we said goodbye to the dear people of Christ, Costa Mesa, and took next steps in transitioning to this new role.
  • Since the convention, you have blessed me so much with your emails, cards, calls, responses to FB postings, and more. I am humbled by your warm welcome and encouragement.
  • You have overwhelmed me with your responses to my “10 Asks” that I first presented at the convention and now pray will guide the early days of our journey together. If you haven’t had the chance to become familiar with them, please click on this YouTube link and watch the presentation from the convention.
  • Keep your eyes open for information on what I am calling, The Grand Tour as I make my way throughout the District over the next few months. I’ve divided up the 4 Regions into 8 areas to facilitate easier gatherings of congregational members, leaders, and church workers for the purpose of listening and learning how the District can best resource, serve, and lead.  Time will be set aside in each area to meet with Circuit Visitors and also for private, prescheduled meetings with church workers who’d like to sit down one-on-one. Our Regional Vice-Presidents and Circuit Visitors will help me craft the details.
  • Finally, please join me today in giving thanks to God for President Larry Stoterau as he concludes his 18 years of incredible leadership of the Pacific Southwest District. He and Linda have been a blessing to all us.  I am so grateful that we will overlap for the month of August AND that he has allowed me to put his cell number on speed dial!

That’s it for today.  It’s good to know that God is in our tomorrows too. His baptism promises are good every day.  May He wonderfully bless your day too!


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